Dr. Saccoman was the inspiration for Life Force's Healthcare Professionals team. The Hillman family has said that Dr. Saccoman was "their angel" who brought medical and health expertise and encouragement to their fledgling business in the early days of their effort to bring Body Balance to the world.


Christa says, "Our bodies are temples and need to be treated as such...respected and kept as clear and clean and healthy as possible. This also includes our mental and emotional bodies, as well as our physical body. They are all interconnected, and the work we do on one level will positively impact us on all other levels.

Feeding your body so your body-mind can take better care of itself and make living a positive experience is something that I have found to be crucial. Life isn't difficult. It's all about mastering simple daily things. And Body Balance is the simplest daily thing that we all can do to give us nutrients that are simply not present in our food chain that need to be.

"Many people are commonly presented with the idea of maintaining their illness, using medications, and not everyone seeks recovery. Those who do, however, may be helped by Body Balance, which provides a basis of reliable good nutrition in a simple, bio-available form. It has enabled some people to regain health and a long term relief from the unpredictability of their life previously, and to be able to fully benefit from the counseling they are undertaking."

"By supplementing our diets we can provide the nourishing and cleansing support we need, it's that simple. But not all supplements are created equal. The quality of products that Life Force manufactures insures not only concentrated nutrients but also bioavailability. On a cellular level our bodies know exactly what to do with these nutrients and can absorb them efficiently. Life Force also has the liquid advantage; I have yet to find a patient who enjoys swallowing pills."


"For me personally OsteoProCare and FlexeoPlus have helped improve my bone health without taking pharmaceuticals (whose long term effects have yet to be determined). I found these products at my local chiropractor when I went in search of highly absorbable calcium. Our health is priceless and too many people take it for granted - we don't get to do these bodies over."

"Body Balance is beneficial for both the pregnant mom and nursing mother to obtain vital nutrients. Its liquid state makes it easier to tolerate with nausea associated with pregnancy and also boosts an already suppressed immune system."

"I highly recommend Body Balance to my family, patients, and friends. I have Body Balance brochures in my dental office along with brochures of the other Life Force products. (We sell the products there, too.) I offer books and news articles relating to natural/alternative health in my waiting room. When patients ask me questions about specific health concerns I research my resources and give them articles of interest so they will have good information on which to base there health decisions."

"I worked with hundreds of patients and observed on a daily basis the correlation between nutrient deficient diets and poor health. I was astounded by the quantity of health challenges faced by my patients from all walks of life."


"I have been married for 35 years and have two grown children. We live in a small rural community in Wyoming in which we are fortunate enough to own horses and dogs. My son has cerebral palsy and has had many health issues and challenges over his life. My daughter is a cowgirl and has had many horse mishaps. I was a beat up night shift ICU (Intensive Care Unit) nurse who was taking large doses of medicine for joint stiffness. I could hardly move, I was tired all of the time and I could barely get through my shifts. Taking Body Balance has improved my quality of life immensely; I can easily get through a 12 hour shifts. Body Balance has also improved my family's life.

"I share information about Life Force products with family, friends, clients, and acquaintances and use Body Balance, OsteOmega Care, and Amino Charge on a daily basis. In my personal and professional life, I promote the belief that well-being and the best quality of life is achieved from balance in all areas of our life. I love Life Force products because they have helped me feel better than I have ever felt before.

"I have been on Body Balance for 3 years now and I know it has helped my immune system and energy levels. I work 10-12 hour shifts in the ER, BUSY shifts. I am exposed to a lot of germs, virus and bacteria throughout my day. I know that Body Balance has also helped my brother, who is a Type II Diabetic, with his health. He was the one who really made me look twice at the product along with my 90 year-old mother who says it has put the ZEST back in her life."

"Body Balance contains ionic ultra trace minerals - these are essential for the biochemical pathways to remain connected and the person to function on all levels with optimal health. It is impossible to find a supplement with 120 ionic nutrients including these ultra trace minerals. In this liquid form that tastes great, it is the ultimate choice in supplementation to maintain health in children, adults and the elderly. "